Do you want your winnings transferred to your bank account faster? Or maybe you want to benefit from all the exciting goodies we offer? How about earning some shiny coins to shop with? Then go ahead and verify your account today! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an official member of the Live Casino House family in no time:
Photo identification The accepted forms of ID are a passport, driver’s license, national identity card or citizenship card. The required fields are: A photo of you Your full name Date of issue Date of expiry Date of birth MRZ lines/barcode Please be sure to include all corners in your pictures so that it doesn’t appear cropped. In case the document has information on both sides, please send a picture of each side.
Credit card Take photos of both sides of your credit card. The photo needs to include: Card owner’s full name Expiry date Card number Signature To feel extra-secure, please cover up the 4 middle digits on the card as well as the security code in the back of the card. The first 6 and last 4 digits need to be visible. Since repetition is the mother of learning, let’s take it again: when taking photos, please include all corners of the document so that it doesn’t appear cropped.
Proof of address In order to prove your address, you will need to send us a copy of a recent document that was sent to your registered home address. This could be a utility bill, invoice, bank statement etc. Before you hit “send”, please make sure that the document contains the following, otherwise there’s a good chance it won’t get approved: Issue date (cannot be older than 3 months) Your full name Your home address Yet again, when taking a picture, please include all corners of the document so that it doesn’t appear cropped. The proof of address must have been received by post; documents which have been received digitally will not be accepted. To avoid confusion, please keep your address (and other personal details) up-to-date on your account information.

Tips & Tricks

Please send your documents from your registered e-mail address, so we can easily match the face with the name. Please make sure that the quality of your documents is good and information easy to read. Please be aware that we can’t accept documents which are: Black and white, PDF files, Word files, Excel files not yours, etc. you get the gist 😉 We only accept documents which are: Jpeg/Jpg files, Bmp files, Png files That’s it, master class over – you did great!